RTDs, Temperature Sensors, Thermowells and Thermocouples - Assorted Products Manufactured by Pyromation

Product Line

If it has to do with process temperature measurement, chances are Pyromation makes a sensor that is ideal for the application. From rugged industrial thermocouples to precisely-accurate RTDs, Pyromation has produced temperature sensors for most industry applications. For example, Pyromation makes:

Depending on use, Pyromation’s sensors meet or exceed most applicable industry approvals within each application, such as UL, CSA, FM, and 3-A. All sensors and assemblies are manufactured to ASTM and many comply with NEC and IEC industry standards. Our measurement systems for testing and/or calibration of our products are traceable to NIST through our ISO certification and NVLAP Lab Code 200502-0 accreditation.

If Pyromation doesn’t currently produce the sensor needed for your application, one of the company’s product engineers will design an instrument and develop a production process to make the device that will meet the required specs.