Man in hardhat in front of pipleins - sample setting of Pyromation oil & gas thermocouple applications

Oil and Gas

For the multiple processes in the extraction, production, refining and distribution of oil, gas and other petrochemicals, Pyromation offers a number of temperature sensors. Among these, our Teflon-coated assemblies resist corrosion and chemical attack. These sensor assemblies are built for direct immersion in the process, while other types are constructed with a thermowell for protection. Heat tracing sensors are available to measure surface temperature of pipes within systems.

Pyromation also carries a broad line of explosion-proof sensor assemblies approved by FM and CSA for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous locations. Most of these assemblies are available with transmitter options. We also produce thermocouples for use in engine monitoring in heavy-duty distribution vehicles and extraction equipment.