Interior of food manufacturing plant - example of setting temperature sensors by Pyromation may be used in

Food and Beverage

Pyromation produces a number of temperature sensors for the food, beverage and dairy industries. Many of these sensors are sanitary CIP (Clean In Place) for convenient washdowns and are 3-A approved. Some of these sensors meet the stringent High Temperature, Short Test (HTST) requirements for pasteurization. We also produce a line of sensors that flush-mount with the interior wall of a storage tank, measuring the temperature of the material without penetrating the inside of the vessel.

There are a variety of sensor sizes and clamp, gasket, bevel-seat or adaptor fittings to meet different applications. Quick response RTDs are available as well as thermowell assemblies. Transmitters are built into RTD assemblies for specific applications. Penetration style RTDs and thermocouples are available for use in fresh and frozen meat, fish, poultry, dough and other food products.