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Pyromation Launches New Video Series called “Training Lab”

“Training Lab” is the name of the new Pyromation series that will feature videos posted on the company’s YouTube channel over the next few months and years.  The series is designed to provide informational videos that help those unfamiliar with temperature sensors, their components, and applications to better understand basic aspects associated with each.  The videos serve as stand alone training tools or can be used in combination with macro instructional sessions.
The first video in the series, which is currently available on Pyromation’s YouTube channel, is Thermocouple Basics.  This video covers a general overview of thermocouple functions, operation, construction, and types.  The in-depth 3D animations, graphics, script narration and images present an interesting way to learn about thermocouples.  It is brief and ideal for new employees or those with limited understanding of these types of temperature sensors.
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Thermocouple Basics Video